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Writing Documentation

We strongly recommend for each Pull Request you make you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does this change require change of documentation too?
  • Is this a new feature? If so, does it need to be documented?

If the answer is Yes, it is recommended to document it.

Running Documentation Page

To run documentation you need to execute

cd packages/docs/

yarn run start

This will open up port 3333 and start the documentation server. Then you can visit http://localhost:3333 to see the documentation page.


Running the documentation server for the first time will probably fail complaining about the file not being found. This is because the file is created at build time and is not available in the repository. To fix this, for the first time, you can run yarn docs:dev to build and to run the documentation server. After the first time, You can just run yarn docs to run the documentation server.

Potential problems you may encounter

There is a bug in your markdown file, likely in the way you are using the markdown syntax.