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A viewport can be thought of as:

  • A camera viewing an image from a specific perspective.
  • A canvas to display the output of this camera.

In Cornerstone3D viewports are created from HTML elements, and the consumer should pass the element for which the viewport should be created. For example, a CT series can be viewed via 4 viewports in a “4-up” view: Axial MPR, Sagittal MPR, Coronal MPR, A 3D perspective volume render.


  • Suitable for rendering a volumetric data which is considered as one 3D image.
  • Having a VolumeViewport enables Multi-planar reformation or reconstruction (MPR) by design, in which you can visualize the volume from various different orientations without addition of performance costs.


  • Suitable for rendering a stack of images, that might or might not belong to the same image.
  • Stack can include 2D images of various shapes, size and direction

Both StackViewport and VolumeViewport are created via the RenderingEngine API.