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Image Object

Cornerstone Image Loaders return Image Load Objects which contain a Promise. The reason we have chosen to use an Object instead of solely returning a Promise is because now Image Loaders can also return other properties in their Image Load Objects. As an example, we intend to implement support for cancelling pending or ongoing requests using a cancelFn passed back by an Image Loader within an Image Load Object.

Here is an interface of such Image Load Object. You can read more about each field in the IImage section of API reference.

interface IImage {
imageId: string
sharedCacheKey?: string
minPixelValue: number
maxPixelValue: number
slope: number
intercept: number
windowCenter: number[]
windowWidth: number[]
getPixelData: () => Array<number>
getCanvas: () => HTMLCanvasElement
rows: number
columns: number
height: number
width: number
color: boolean
rgba: boolean
numComps: number
columnPixelSpacing: number
rowPixelSpacing: number
sliceThickness?: number
invert: boolean
sizeInBytes: number
scaling?: {
PET?: {
SUVlbmFactor?: number
SUVbsaFactor?: number
suvbwToSuvlbm?: number
suvbwToSuvbsa?: number